For the Girl Who Feels Lost in the Right Direction

You know what you want out of this life. You know the kind of woman you want to become. You have the dreams and you’ve got the drive. But more days than not, it kind of feels like you’re blind folded swinging at a piñata hoping for the dream to burst open and pour forth into fruitfulness. If we are really honest sometimes we are afraid to even take that swing for fear of missing what we had hoped to gain. 

Fear of the unknown is a funny thing. So much of it is a made up figment of our imagination. What do you fear most? Not making the cut? Falling short of the dream? Fear of failure? We’ve all been there.

I recently chased a dream that didn’t go as I had hoped. I saw the door of opportunity that I had prayed for and agreed that this was the next step I needed to take. I was honored to have been offered the position in the first place. It all seemed to line up with my plan! Perfect! 

But as soon as I arrived on the scene I felt out of place. The reality didn’t fit what I had hoped the opportunity would mean for my goals. There were several red flags and I couldn’t ignore them. I had to separate myself from the situation and take it to God. I prayed, “If this was a door opened by You, Lord, why doesn’t it feel right?” I felt like I had to pick between listening to God or choosing the right path, which is far from the truth. Making the decision to seek Him is choosing the right path. After sitting and praying on the scenario, I finally decided this was not the opportunity for me. If it did not align with my morals, my mission, and what God says of my value then I needed to politely turn down the opportunity. God’s plan doesn’t always go along with our plan.

The enemy will try to attack us in these moments with thoughts of doubt like, “If I heard God wrong about this, what else could I be wrong about? Maybe I’m not equipped for the calling He had hoped for me.” If the enemy can talk you out of thinking you’ve got a chance in glory and being victorious he will try to do it and prevent you from walking in your royal identity. Don’t you dare let him. 

You may not have confidence in yourself today, but hold on tight to your confidence in Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is the foundation for your life and He will always be your faithful guide. We have to remember that sometimes God opens doors in order to change our course of direction. Why shoot for what many can do when God has created you to do what only you can do?

Exactly two weeks after my disappointing adventure and listening to the Holy Spirit’s signal to reroute, a different door opened. I almost shut it because of self-doubt and the fear of failure. Then I realized I was only truly failing if I didn’t try. My previous attempt was not a fail, it was simply refining me, testing who God has called me to become, and guiding me in the right direction. 

I lifted the situation up to God and asked for His peace and His will to be done. I showed up, had fun, and didn’t worry about the opinions of others. I had made up my mind that if God had called me to this, I couldn’t miss it and if the opportunity wasn’t for me then God would lead me to the next move. Giving control to Him takes the pressure off of us to perform. If we can learn to become God-centered instead of self-centered, we allow Him to move in our lives and His calling for us becomes more clear.

As I was walking out of the interview and towards my car, one of the gentlemen from the meeting ran out to catch me. He said, “I just wanted you to know we’ve seen over two hundred applicants today and only two of them received stars by their names. You were just one of them. We are looking so forward to working with you.”

Two weeks ago I had a fallout opportunity that hundreds of girls were participating in, had you of told me that God wanted to promote me to a better position and that I would have been chosen out of hundreds of applicants I would not have believed you. But that is how fun life is when we look to Him. A “no” from God always leads to a greater “yes.” Your journey is uniquely your own. Don’t try to walk in another’s path and acquire their success. Embrace your path and walk your own journey. Trust that God has a good purpose for you and He has you where you need to be for His greater purpose to be unveiled. 

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” – Psalm 32:8