3 Ways to Radiate Self-Love

No generation before us has faced perfectionism and comparison at the constant rate and pressure that we do today. Every now and then we need a good pep-talk to refocus our vision and remind us of our worth. We have to keep our self-talk in check otherwise a negative train of thought can run right off the tracks and take us down with it. It is so easy to mindlessly scroll through our social media feed only to think: “My life looks nothing like that,” “My clothes definitely don’t look like that,” “She’s perfect, why don’t I look like that? My nose is too big, my boobs are too small, and where’s my coveted ‘thigh gap?’” We create this false perception that if only we could have those things then we would be happy with ourselves. 

We tend to think we’re never quite where we should be or have it all together as we think someone should by our age. Aren’t we all guilty of believing we fall short of expectations every now and then, if not daily? We are caught up in an age of made up perfectionism and heavily filtered lifestyles. We need to replace the word “perfect” with “progress” and learn to embrace what makes us uniquely one-of-a-kind.  

We all have our own journey to self-love but here are three good starting points:  

1) Declare positive compliments each day 

There is power in positivity. After we look in the mirror, the thoughts we declare over ourselves each morning tend to kick start our mood for the day. Our self-talk defines our dreams and how we view our abilities. Too much precious time is wasted in fear. Let’s declare today that we do have what it takes. Your dreams were placed on your heart alone for a purpose. 

2) Do something that makes you happy 

Whether it is following through with that workout or investing in that Anthropologie candle, know you are worth it! We all need time to unwind. Self-love is self-preservation, make the investment. Take the time each day to do one thing for yourself that benefits you mentally, physically, and/or spiritually. 

3) Decide to be thankful where you are 

Learn to be present in the gift of today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will arrive, but today is the only time you can change. So many of our first world problems are actually a privilege to have at all. Sometimes life is not so enjoyable, but there will always be someone who would rather have your problems. Every season in your life takes place for a reason. When we take the time to seek the lessons to be learned where we are then we open ourselves up to growth and opportunities. 

This month make it a goal to love yourself better. No one will ever spend more time with you than yourself, so let’s make this life a little easier on ourselves. You should enjoy your life because you are a one-of-a-kind!

EncouragementHeather Swanson