For the Girl Wondering What She is Waiting For

As a little girl, I prayed about the man I hoped to marry. I loved the healing stories of Jesus most, so I asked God to prepare a husband for me who had a servant's heart so together we could heal His people. I met Clay when I was fifteen at a high school leadership conference in California with 5,000 kids from across the country, and we somehow both lived in Iowa?! Only God.

At 15 years old they said we were crazy. Three years in a long distance relationship, they said we would never last and we needed to be more realistic. Ten years later, they are still calling us crazy as we pursue our callings of medicine and ministry and they may be right about that, but I know we will never be what the world considers realistic.

Maybe you're single as a Pringle and constantly told "your standards are too high." Maybe you are waiting for the man you've always prayed for and you're wondering if he even exists. Maybe you're tired of being called the prude for waiting until marriage. Maybe you're in a crazy long distance relationship that everyone says you should give up on and you're wondering how long you can truly wait for him. 

Can I just tell you that whatever you are waiting for, it will be worth the wait. You are worth waiting for. You are not awkward. You are anointed. It is a gift to see beyond what this world sees. Jesus is not holding out on you. He is holding on to you. He is preparing His promises for you while also preparing you to be entrusted with them. 

Never let the "realistic" opinions of what others have to say hold you back from finding what or who you love and living out your life. If you live your life based on the opinions of what "they" say, you will never fully see the promises God has prepared for you. We stand on His Truth, not on popular opinion. Jesus has come pursuing you. Everything He has prepared for you is worthy of the wait.

Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.
— Hebrews 10:36
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