How Do I Find My Purpose?

Sometimes we view purpose as this picture God has for our life that we need to find, like one of those pictures where you have to stare and adjust your focus in order to see the picture within the picture. I was never very good at seeing what everyone else could. I think we can wrongly view purpose like those pictures. We can assume that everyone else can see it, and if we stare at it long enough, eventually we’ll get it. Or maybe there is something wrong with us for not seeing it as everyone else seems to see it. I don’t think God’s purpose for our lives operates that way. Purpose is not meant to be strived for, its meant to be walked through. Purpose is not an unattainable, far off, thing-on-a-stick that we chase after. Purpose is a place you operate from. As a child of God purpose is woven into every fiber of your being.

I believe if God would create the purpose for our lives to resemble a picture it would look like connect-the-dots. He never shows us at the beginning of our journey what the end result will be, He doesn’t even show us all of the dots along the way. Often, we learn as we go. Wanting to know where our lives are going is human nature, but the beautiful thing with God is that He always has a specific purpose for us in every season - or dot - of our lives (Romans 8:28). We may not always see the point of the dot in the moment but God sees the big picture.

God will always prepare you for what He has prepared for you. The dots challenge us and shape us. Connecting the dots makes us into who we are meant to be and gives us the training and strengthening to live purposeful lives.

Here are three ways you can begin to find your purpose daily:

1) Honor God by using the gifts you have been given

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. - Colossians 3:17

Purpose is less about arriving at a destination and more about building a continuous relationship with God. Pay attention to what sets your heart on fire, that passion is placed there on purpose. You may not be the only one with a specific gifting but God has given you a distinct set of talents, experiences, and a voice that are all unique to you alone. Maybe that doesn’t look like much from your point of view. I would like to challenge you today to take whatever little you do have and give those elements to God for His glory. Your hands may look empty now, but I believe one day they will be overflowing with goodness. God will always multiply whatever you give Him to equal more than you could ever ask, hope for, or imagine.

2) Learn to live an effective life

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, and faith and in purity. - 1 Timothy 4:12

Purpose is meant to be walked in daily, and your purpose will change with the seasons of your life. For example, my future husband (Clay) is in his third year of medical school and is preparing to become a pediatric doctor of oncology and hematology. Although his calling is to help heal children diagnosed with cancer, you would not set a third year med student loose in an operating room - he is not yet prepared for that. Right now his daily purpose is to study and learn from other doctors. Likewise, before medical school he had to fulfill four years of undergraduate study in order to be prepared for the next season. You may not be called to become a doctor, but this same purposeful pathway is true for you as well. God is a good teacher and a good teacher always prepares you for the test. If we focus on living each day effectively and fulfilling the lessons to be learned with this season, we will be prepared for tomorrow.

3) Know God made you as a person of purpose

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28

God will not leave you to figure things out on your own. You are called to live a life that proclaims purpose. Focus on living from the truth that God has called you and building your life with Him. Every season you navigate serves a greater purpose yet to be revealed. As a child of God, purpose is not something you have to pursue. It’s a gift you already possess.

So my question for you is what purpose has God called you to fulfill in this season?

What do you believe God’s big picture looks like for your life?

If you are unsure how to answer these questions, I would like to invite you to download “4 Days to Pursuing Your Purpose” for free!

Photo Credit: Natalie Schutt Photography 

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