How to Dream Chase God's Way

We live in a world that is constantly telling us who to be, what size and standards are defined as beautiful, and how our lives should look in order to truly "make it" and achieve happiness. I want to encourage you to push past the pressures of this world. You may not feel capable or trained for this but you were made for it. If you believe God has placed a dream on your heart to pursue, you will have to fight for it in order to bring this dream into reality.

Here are a few life lessons I’ve learned while dream chasing with God:

1) Not all of your friends will be willing to grow with you and go with you - and that is okay. Surround yourself with people who speak into you, not about you.

2) If that guy does not see your worth now, then he is not worthy of you. When someone reveals their true character, believe them. It is not your responsibility to heal him or change him.

3) Rejection from man is protection from God. One dream may come to a close, but God always has a bigger dream in store for you. Never lose faith in this hope: the best is truly yet to come.

4) You do not need anyone's approval to chase the dreams set on your heart. Faith does not have a time limit or an age limit, but only a yes limit. You alone set the limitations over your life. So get up, show up, and don't give up. 

5) Leaders are not cuter, smarter, or better than the rest; leaders simply outlast the crowd. No matter what: keep going. Keep your eyes fixed on Him, Jesus is pursuing you and there is nothing that can stop the plans He has instore for you.

This is always my go-to quote when I feel like I’m alone in my God-size dreams and pursuits: 

“Sometimes God wants to show us what we can do rather than let us find someone who can do it for us. Sometimes you and I are looking for someone to stand up and do exactly what God wants us to do.” – Beth Moore

I have a burning desire to create change in our world. I want to equip and empower young women to know their worth and live a life full of purpose. But at the same time I can be doubtful, discouraged, and unsure. That little lie whispers in my ear all to often, "Who do you think you are to accomplish all of this?" I may be one finite person but I'm not about to let fear put limitations on our infinite God. Pursuing the dreams God has placed on my heart means doing exactly what scares me most: standing out and speaking up. It's going to take a walk-on-water miracle to make this thing happen, but maybe that's where the beauty and power of our testimony lies: knowing in the deepest part of our soul that we did not pull this thing off all on our own. 

One year ago, I created Chosen To Reign with the hope to empower and equip a Kingdom Crowned generation with royal identity, radiant true beauty, and a path of Kingdom purpose. My dream was to win Miss Iowa USA and use the crown as a platform to speak encouragement and truth into the lives of young women. I was sure this was the stage God had prepared for me to spread His Word through Chosen To Reign, except when I competed at the pageant last October I didn’t win. Not even close - I didn’t place as a semifinalist. I was devastated because not only did I feel like a dream was taken from me, but the mean girl won the crown!

“God, what in the world are you doing? This wasn’t how it was supposed to go,” I thought standing backstage with the other “losers.” I listened to the outspoken thoughts of the women around me: “I guess I’m not as beautiful as I thought.” “What does she have that I don’t?” “I’m not enough… again.” “Another dream I can’t achieve.” “I guess I’m not worthy of a crown.” Immediately my gaze went from myself to these young women in their teens and twenties standing behind the stage curtain with me  - feeling unseen, unheard, unwanted.

God spoke to my spirit, “These are the women I am sending you to lead. My Daughters need their eyes opened  to the beauty I have created within them. The stage I am preparing for you is beyond what this earthly title could give you. Will you go with Me?” That night I surrendered any earthly crown I could obtain to take my rightful position with Christ and the eternal crown He has given me - and He has an eternal crown for you. You are chosen to reign to bring His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

It has been one year since founding Chosen To Reign and one year since surrendering my earthly dream to the greater dreams God has instore for me. In that time frame, Chosen To Reign has grown to over twenty five thousand young women hungry for God’s Word and a greater understanding of their royal inheritance through Christ and the irreplaceable role they play in this generation. God has given me a greater platform for His Glory than I could have ever achieved with an earthly crown. 

That is the turnaround victory story He is inviting you to today. You can not outdream our God. His dreams are so much greater than our human ability to make this happen on our own. Divine intervention will be necessary - and He will come for you. God will intercede on your behalf and He will prepare you in order to propel you into your destiny. Will you go with Him?

In order to dream chase with God, you're going to have to battle doubt. You can't live a life free of doubt but you can learn to doubt your doubts. Maybe you don't doubt that God can do it but you struggle to believe He will do it through you. You have to have hope beyond doubt. Hope is the expectation that something good is going to happen at any moment in your life. God is inviting you to have that kind of expectation in your life. Choose to believe: "Something good is going to happen to me. Something good will happen through me, and it may happen at any moment." Imagine where you could be one year from now if you started to live your life believing something wonderful for you is about to begin.

This is my charge to you: Be the girl that wakes up with purpose and intent. Be the girl who shows up and never gives up. Be the girl who believes anything is possible and is willing to work for it. And be the girl who inspires and empowers others to do the same. God has the most amazing turnaround story prepared specifically for you.

Does any of this hit home? Do you have a dream you want to pursue, or maybe you are pursuing a dream you're nervous about sharing but you know in your heart you have to take a chance? Whatever that may be, I want to encourage you to step out and take that leap of faith. There is no such thing as "the perfect time" so stop wasting time waiting and just leap. Invest the time, do the research, make a commitment to the dream, and seek out killer mentors who exemplify what you admire and have gone before you. I believe you’ve got what it takes to make this dream a reality. Truly the only ones who ever make a difference in our world are the ones who boldly believed it was possible. God will be faithful to prepare you for what he has prepared for you. Your job is to be obedient, God is responsible for the outcome. There is mighty power and purpose woven within you. Despite the doubt, be bold, believe in yourself, and go for it anyway! You are not fighting this battle alone.

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