Sharing My God Journals: Prophetic Word for 2018

If you walk away learning anything from what I share on Chosen To Reign, I hope it is this that God is real, Jesus is near, and you really can have constant communication with Him through the Holy Spirit within you. Christianity is first and foremost about relationship, not religion.

Direct communication with Jesus is part of your royal inheritance as a child of God. (John 17:20-26)

I’m sharing something different here than I ever have before. Below is a page of one of my God journals. To be honest my heart is pounding, I feel more vulnerable than I ever have with any post. Most of all, I’m scared of people calling me crazy. But I also know that God’s Word has power so I’m choosing to believe that sharing His Word has more power than the words of others. I want you to know that you are able to hear from God, too. You can learn more about that topic in my blog post: How to Hear the Voice Of God

This has been a month of conquering fears for me, so here goes another!

January 5, 2018

Words for 2018: Advance, Answers, Abundance. (Ephesians 3:20)

Praying on the car ride to fly out of Chicago, God highlighted words to me on semis and billboards and buildings from the Midwest through California. I continued to see the words: Prince, Queen, King, Princess, Crown and Jesus.

God has continued to give me visions of fires being set around the world as well as highlighting images of crowns and the color emerald. God keeps bringing Isaiah 61 to mind. 

Fires = We are those fires. God is creating movements in miracles in the secret places that will soon be made known. These miracles will follow His people wherever they go. There will be a great revival of holiness.

Emerald = Emeralds are often worn by royalty. There extremely rare and found in only a small number of locations around the world. Emeralds are known to be one of the most valuable and highest esteemed gems.

The Holy Spirit said, “Soon I will crown My people I have chosen to reign in My Kingdom.” God is raising up a remnant of His royalty across the nations He has chosen to reign to bring His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. He is bestowing His authority and favor on those who have sought Him in the secret place. We will see supernatural favor for suddenly, there will be positioning and promotion. Things that should take 5 to 10 years humanly will happen quickly. God needs voices to carry His message. God will use these Kingdom Crowned leaders as a display of His splendor. The Kingdom is coming and God’s glory will be made known to the ends of the Earth.

Fun side note: Clay later proposed to me this very same day in California on the same balcony where we had our first kiss over ten years ago. Sounds crazy right?! You have no idea. Jesus is so wild and walking this life out with Him as been the most incredible adventure written within an unbelievable love story! Check out this blog to read about our epic God written love story.

As always, thank you on the other side of this screen for meeting me here. I'm so grateful to be able to connect with you through Chosen To Reign. Feel free to reach out via email or direct message on Instagram. I love hearing from you and knowing how I can best serve you through this Kingdom Crowned community!

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