The Secret to Seeing the Glory in the Mundane

I’m signing my first apartment lease post college graduation (high-five for adulting!) so needless to say I’ve been skimming Pinterest looking for the perfect apartment inspiration. I also still have four more weddings to attend in our nine wedding total of summer marital bliss for all our friends, so I’ve been seeking fashion inspiration from several bloggers on Instagram.

In the midst of all of these highlight reels, I’ve found myself getting weighed down by comparison. The longer we scroll through the endless images of perfection on social media the more we begin to question our not so Instagram-worthy daily lifestyle. The truth is: life is not Pinterest perfect, it is actually unpredictable and fairly messy at times. I’m approaching my mid-twenties and I am no where near where I thought I should be by this age in the world’s eyes of accomplishments and success. And that is okay! Life is not always what we pictured – and that’s what makes it real!

Your journey is unique because it is your’s alone. Every moment, every circumstance, every choice played a role in forming you into who you are today. Embrace the beauty of becoming! My room may not look like an Anthropologie advertisement but it will definitely smell of Anthropologie candles and Volcano bliss! Plus I’m getting to live with one of my very best friends, so who cares if I can’t afford the Revolve dress? I’ll get to shop an entire new wardrobe in her closet anyways! When we adjust our perspective and take our eyes off of the filtered images on our screens and how we wish life looked, we can start to appreciate what is really happening in our own sphere of influence.

Real life is not a highlight reel of perfect images. We may never have it all figured all out, and that’s okay because you are enough and there is purpose in your season where you are right here, right now. I want to trust the beauty of becoming and embrace the bigger picture. Will you join me?

What’s a perspective adjustment you could make in your life, so you can see the glory in the mundane? Let me know in the comments below!

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